The principal strawberry exhibition near New York, this season, was at the Horticultural store of Messrs. B. K. Bliss & Sons. These enterprising gentlemen offer premiums at their own expense for best display of fruits in their season, at least twice each year, in the spring for strawberries and in the fall for grapes. It is hardly necessary to say that they are very successful in inducing a great interest and bringing together a great crowd of visitors. At the exhibition this year, upwards of $400 were distributed in prises, and most of the fruit was unusually fine. The seedlings of Mr. E. Durand, Irvington, N. J., were excellent; his Late Prolific, Black Defiance and New Jersey Seedling attracting considerable notice and drawing a number of prizes. Prof. Huntsman, of Flushing, received the highest prize for best new seedling, named the Kissena, a long, pointed berry, like the Lady Finger, but white, like the Lennig's White, and of very fine flavor. At a little later period of the Exhibition, there was brought in by Robert Turnbull, of Norwalk, Ct., a magnificent new variety called the Champion. Its color was very fine, and size superb, but was not firm enough nor of good quality to enter for the prize.

Messrs. Reisig & Hex-amer exhibited the largest collection of varieties and received eight prizes.