The June number of this sterling monthly is at hand. Contents: The Future of American Railways - In a Fog - The Granadian Girl's Song - The Humming Bird - Chess - Spring Song - Model Lodging Houses in Boston - A Short Campaign on the Hudson - Thine - The Representative Art - Roba di Roma - Pythagoras - Clarian's Picture-Japan - The Vineyard Saint - The Professor's Story - The Sphinx's Children - Reviews and Literary Notices, etc. But why does the Atlantic write us down the Horticulturarist? Elsewhere it would not look quite so bad.

Atlantic Monthly #1

The August number is a good one, though not quite as well sustained as usual. The following are its contents: The Carnival of the Romantic - a Legend of Maryland - Prince Adeb - Eleusinia - Victor and Jacqueline - Midsummer - Tobacco - Shakespeare done into French - The Poet's Longing - A Journey in Sicily - The Professor's Story - Anno Domini I860 - Darwin on the Origin of Species - Reviews and Literary Notices - Recent American Publications.

The Atlantic Monthly #2

The September number is quite up to the mark. Contents: Among the Trees - Victor and Jacqueline - On a Magnolia Flower - Some Notes on Shakespeare - The Great Arm Chair - The Song of Fatima - Something about History - My Neighbor, the Prophet - The Pilot's Story - A Day with the Dead - Culture - The Children's Hour-Three Mile Cross - The Professor's Story - Reviews and Literary Notices.