This variety originated at Angers, France, and has been sent out from the nurseries of M. LE Roy and others there. It has already been considerably disseminated in this country, and as far as we know it stands well. It is one of the most vigorous and beautiful trees, and one of the most productive we know of, among the hundreds of varieties we now cultivate. The texture of the fruit is like that of the Summer Francreal - soft, juicy, and refreshing - not having the buttery character of a Doyenne. The color and spotting of the wood also resembles the Summer Francreal, but it is much more vigorous and rapid in growth. It even outgrows the Duehesse d'Angouleme on the Quince, takes the pyramidal form easily, and while growing freely bears profusely. The misfortune about it is the season of its maturity among peaches; yet such a fruit is never unwelcome. Fruit - round, tapering slightly to the stalk, very smooth, regular, and uniform.



Skin - greenish-yellow at maturity, sprinkled with green dots. Stalk - long, an inch or more, set in a narrow depression. Calyx - open, large, in a smooth shallow basin. Flesh - white, very juicy, melting, sweet, refreshing, and pleasant Should be gathered early, and ripened in the house. It ripens with us from the last of August to the middle of September, immediately preceding the Bartlett.

Taking into account the extraordinary vigor, beauty, and productiveness of the tree, and the good quality of the fruit, we must regard this as a very valuable acquisition.

Beurre Goubault #1

With us this dwarf has a peculiar way of growing as it likes, and rejects symmetrical proportion altogether. It, however, makes amends by being a constant and liberal bearer.

The White Doyenne

The White Doyenne naturally gives fin© proportions, and fair, beautiful fruit. It appears to be perfectly at home on its quince foundation.

Glout Morceau

Glout Morceau does finely on the Quince. The tree grows just fast enough, makes strong wood, and bears well.

Beurre Clairgeau

Beurre Clairgeau makes a beautiful dwarf, and its fine large Pears give a rich contrast to the diminutive trees that produce them.

The Sheldon

The Sheldon is a firm-wooded, thrifty dwarf, and a beautiful Pear.