It is both gratifying and surprising to note the rapid increase and extension of interests connected with the pursuits of rural life. But a few years have passed since the list of journals wholly devoted to Agricultural and Horticultural interests numbered less than a baker's dozen, and they were in the condition of a neglected strawberry patch, literally struggling day after day to keep their heads in sight. Now our list of journals, weeklies and monthlies, in the cause, advocacy, and instruction of the primeval and most blessed occupation of man is almost beyond count; and we no sooner note a new laborer, and get accustomed to his tone, than another appears, until we have lately come to the conclusion that our people have really awakened, and while some may gamble in Wall Street, or other like marts, some may traffic and trade, etc., yet the blessings of a rural life, the prospect which it offers to a long and happy life, are rapidly becoming appreciated. South and West the people seem calling for more and more of reading matter relating to the garden, orchard, and farm, and their calls are met by new papers, and the enlarged size of the older ones, the formation of Horticultural societies, and the records of increased interest at exhibitions of those heretofore organized ; all are most gratifying tokens of promises for the future greatness and continuance of our nation, for which we have reason to be thankful to the great Power that overrules and guides all things.