Mr. Fortune has recently sent home from Japan a collection of plants, which were shown at the late exhibition of the London Horticultural Society. The following account of them is taken from the " Proceedings of the Royal Horticultural Society," as published in the Gardener's Chronicle:

There was on this occasion produced a very interesting and valuable collection of plants, sent from Japan by Mr. R. Fortune. These were exhibited by Mr. Stan-dish, F.R.H.S., to whose care they were confided; and though only a few days removed from on board ship, they were in the most perfect health. With reference to the hardiness of these plants, Mr. Standish stated that the Sciadopitys verticil-lata, all the Retinosporas, Thujopsis dolabrata, and the different forms of Osman-thus, were natives of the hills near Yeddo, and consequently would be remarkably hardy; as a proof of which he mentioned that Mr. Barron had the Thujopsis standing in the open ground last winter, without the slightest injury from frost, though the serious amount of destruction among evergreen shrubs and trees, caused by the past winter, around Derby and Nottingham, and indeed almost every where in the middle counties, is well known. This collection of Mr. Fortune's Japanese plants had already been exhibited at the Fete on the 5th of June, and the more important of them had on that occasion received awards.

These latter, which were now necessarily passed over as having been already judged by the Society, consisted of the following, namely: •