"We have had chapter on chapter on evergreen trees, but very little attention has been paid to that highly important, ornamental and interesting class of Shrubbery which is so useful in ornamental winter gardening. I have a neighbor who planted very beautiful grounds for a rammer residence. This year he remains during the winter; all his shrubbery* or very nearly all is deciduous, and more eheerless looking premises since the cold weather, it would be difficult to find. In England Evergreen Shrubs enact a most important part in the pictures which the landscape presents; here we have the whole subject to study as to what is handsome and what is hardy, I have myself made some progress in a collection of this description, but want more enlightenment, and I cannot suggest any subject that is likely to call out more valuable information in the Horticulturist. If I have heard aright, Mr. Saunders, of Ger-mantown, Pennsylvania, and there is no better qualified instructor, is investigating this subject, and I invite him to give the results.


By all means let us hear what can be done in the way of Evergreen Shrubs, in our north-em climate. Oh, for the Hollies, and Laurels, and Rhodendrons that flourish so gaily in England, and give snch oharras to the country landscape I Is it not possible for us to succeed with Hollies and Rhododendrons at least ? A short time ago we were visiting some gardens at Astoria, and we passed by a magnificent Holly, as healthy and as happy looking as though it were standing in Regents Park. What can be done once can be done again, and the Holly mnst be tried more thoroughly. Mr. SaundeRs, not long ago gave us a few good hints about the Kalmia, we hope to hear from him farther on Evergreen Shrubs.