The Evergreen Cypress is a native of California, and is undoubtedly one of those gigantic coniferous trees attaining the height of 300 feet. In the forest it grows "as straight as an arrow," and is naked of branches to the height of 60 or 70 feet. The branches are covered with thick dark green foliage, and fall in rich festoons to the earth, and produce the most picturesque effect. Besides being one of the most ornamental evergreens, the Evergreen Cypress is one of the easiest reproductions.

There are many other evergreens which might be enumerated, but the foregoing will suffice, as examples to awaken an interest on the subject, and remind us, while we are eagerly collecting the productions of foreign lands, that our own fields and forests bloom with equal splendor.

With ornamental trees and shrubs we display the same weakness that we do in many other things, by importing too much. Living as we do in a country having a greater and more beauful variety of trees and shrubs than any other country in the temperate zone on the globe, yet we cling to that foolish vanity of purchasing the trees of foreign lands to that of our own. With our hundreds of varieties of evergreens, it is strange that we can not be suited at home, and give up planting such vile trash as the Silver Abele and Ailanthus.

We believe in ornamenting our homes with every thing that is useful or beautiful, whether native or foreign; but this giving preference to a thing that has nothing to recommend it but that of coming from a foreign country, is simply ridiculous, and we think there is no nation on earth that displays so much zeal in adorning with the products of other countries as we Americans do. Better close our sea-ports at once, and wrap ourselves up in our dignity, like the Japanese, than to be forever spending our time and money in gathering the productions of foreign countries, and neglecting those of our own.

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