This new wonder among the blackberries can not claim large size as one of its merits, as it is not quite as large as the New Rochelle, but it is of far better quality, and probably the best-flavored variety in cultivation. The plant is also very hardy, and in my grounds not a cane was killed the past severe winter, while the New Rochelle and Dorchester were more or less injured. Although the Kittatinny is not the largest variety in cultivation, still it is larger than the Dorchester and some others, while at the same time it possesses other merits that will make it very popular with both producer and consumer. The introduction of these two new varieties (Kittatinny and Wilson's Early) will cause other choice kinds to be brought out if they already exist; if not, they will be produced from seed, and ere long we may look for the advent of a really good thorn-less variety. A blackberry plant without thorns, and yet possessing all the other good qualities, would be a great saving of dry goods, to say nothing about the scratched hands and hard words, either uttered or suppressed, by those who are obliged to work among them. We have already a superb variety of the black raspberry (Davison's) which is thormess, and a blackberry possessing the same merit is a thing devoutly wished.

There is one candidate for the honor found near where the original Kittatinny was discovered. Who knows but it will be a successful rival of its thorny neighbor? My plants of this new variety look well, and I wait impatiently for the development of fruit.

Wilson's Early.

Fig. 142. - Wilson's Early.

The Kittatinny.

Fig. 143. - The Kittatinny.