Is a valuable acquisition. The plant is of stately habit, growing from six to seven feet high; flowers of pure yellow, spotted with scarlet, produced on low peduncles; drooping, very flowriferous, making it a magnificent variety.

Lilium Humboldtii #1

The illustration figured on adjoining page is of the splendid new species lately discovered in Humboldt Co., California, which is attracting so much attention in England and America. It is quite hardy, produces large, yellow golden flowers, which are spotted with purple. It is highly appreciated in England, and received last year a first class certificate from the floral committee of the Royal Horticultural Society.

New Zonule Geranium, Orb of Day. A superior variety of scarlet geraniums. The habit is dwarf and compact, and the foliage a peculiar shade of glossy green. The trusses of flowers are described as really enormous, measuring 18 to 20 inches in circumference, each flower nearly 2 inches in diameter, forming a perfect circle and of a deep, rich glowing scarlet. Messrs. Hovey & Co., who first offered it last year, state that after full trial, it can be recommended as among the very best of scarlet for bedding. "As a winter bloomer in our collection of over 200 varieties, including all the best kinds, this still stands unequalled in its free blooming quality, size of trusses, fine color, and perfection of flower."