For the past three years we have used on our fruit grounds large quantities of bone meal, which has proved of admirable efficacy in stimulating a rapid but healthy growth of all our fruit trees and Strawberry vines. We have increased our use of it from year to year, and now consider it the best staple article ever used upon our place. During this time we have never found any evidence of adulteration, and we have found the manufacturers so honorable in their dealings, and always bound to keep up the standard of their integrity, by supplying only a pure article, that we take pleasure in thus commending the name and enterprise of Lister Bros., Newark, N. J. All our fruit growers, gardeners, and farmers will find in their bone just the article they need for their orchards and gardens.

Their vitalizing compound or bone float, is a new article intended specially for florists and all who cultivate plants in the window, in the green-house, or in the flower garden. It is immediately soluble in water, and is not only a wonderful stimulant to all plants, but is a good protection against insects. We assure our readers that the firm are straightforward; claim no more than they perform, and really are worthy of their cordial notice.