With beautiful Italian gardens, a very picturesque lake and fountains, lawn, garden, and fruit houses, there is nothing left forgotten or untried in landscape decoration here. In a small portion of the ground is a little series of flower gardens surrounded by a fine hedge. Within the space, two very fine flower beds attracted our notice. The first was a very large Ribbon Bed, or Border, planted as follows:

1. Pyrethrum,

2. Lobelia,

3. Mountain of Snow Geranium,

4. Achyranthus,

5. General Grant Geranium,

6. Centaurea.

The contrast of colors, white, blue, scarlet, green and red, make a brilliant picture.

The second bed was, perhaps, ten by fifteen, slightly raised, and planted entirely with "succulents" - Echeveria metallica, with space occasionally interspersed containing agaves and yuccas.

We may at another occasion say something of the other departments of ornamental gardening, as practiced near " The Hub."