Cox's Orange Pippin proved last year to be the best apple in England of the old varieties. Among new kinds, the following are among the best: Taylor's Seedling and Lord Raglan as kitchen sorts; Frogmore Nonpareil for table or kitchen.


The Salway is a new late peach, belonging to the yellow-fleshed varieties. This sort will keep till November, and is then very rich and melting; it is a valuable kind. The Desse is another late, melting peach, hanging nearly as long as the above) and of a good size. The true Bourdine is also a very desirable late peach, ripening after the Late Admirable. The above three and the true Catherine (if it can be got) should be grown in orchard-houses, or within glass walls, when fruit fit for table might be had through November. Vineuse de Fromentin and Pucelle de Malines are two rather new middle season peaches; and the Early York and Scott's Early Bed (American varieties), two early peaches, which may be added to collections as valuable. The Walburton Admirable is also an excellent late peach, and not so well known as it deserves. We have nothing to report of nectarines, further than to recommend the Hardwick and Downton, two useful hardy kinds, to those who are not growing them; also the Murray and Vermash, which are excellent varieties.

The Oldenburg is a new kind, which we hope fully to prove next season.


We incline to the opinion that there is still wanting a better flavored plum than the Reine Claude, or Greengage, which has retained its superiority for centuries. The three seedling plums, Angelina Burdett, Standard of England, and Woolston Gage, raised by Mr. Dowling, of Southampton, and figured in our volume for 1858, do not prove to be any improvement on our older varieties. The Jefferson is an American Plum, latterly brought into notice; it proves to be a good kind, either for pots or out-door culture.


-There are no very new kinds of this fruit The Kaisha is a sort worth growing. The Frogmore Seedling is also rather a new sort; the fruit closely resembles the Moor Park, both in appearance and quality, bat it ripens later than that old favorite variety.