This being the season of compliments, we embrace the occasion to pay a well-merited one to our artists. We think we are warranted in saying, that our engravings for the past year will compare favorably, in point of artistic execution, with those of any magazine in the country, not even excepting Harpers' Monthly. They have been executed by young ladies of decided taste and talent, who will yet make themselves a name in their profession. Miss Whiston has done the transferring, and Miss Fuller the engraving. They are both graduates of the Ladies' School of Design connected with the Cooper Institute. We are fully satisfied with what they have done for us; and this acknowledgment is only a simple act of justice. We hope it may also be an encouragement to them to excel still further in their profession. Our fruit and flower pieces hare been painted by Mr. Hochstein, and we consider him, in his particular line, one of the best artists in the country. His pieces are often marred in being colored on the lithograph, but the originals are finely done. The Cuyahoga grape, for instance, which Mr. Hochstein drew on the stone, is one of the best grape pieces that we have yet seen; but our coloriat has injured a number of copies by adding a tinge of blue which is not in the original.

With two thousand more subscribers to the colored edition, it would be an object to color every plate by hand. We hope to do so yet, and bid defiance to criticism. Mr. Haasis, our colorist, has a difficult task to perform, but he is painstaking and clever, and seldom gives cause for complaint; he can not, like the others, touch his work over again when once done. Mr Hayward, our lithographist, is equal to any demand we can make upon him, and tries to get every thing just right. On the whole, we are much pleased with our artists, and wish them well.