Various and valuable matter loads our tables, which has accumulated during several weeks' absence in the tropics, and which will receive attention immediately. Those who do not hear from us before this number reaches them, will please to think of us all but literally buried up in books, catalogues, seeds, advertisements, portraits of fruits and flowers, boxes of apples, bananas, oranges, tropical seeds, herbariums, shells, and coral rooks, &o., and then make whatever excuses for omissions on our part they can conjure up. A person who was fired at as a target from the Moro Castle, must be considered privileged to take time to collect his thoughts.

By a reference to our advertising columns, it will be seen that it is the intention of Mr. Caleb Cope to offer at public sale his superb collections of plants, besides the entire estate. Philadelphians are too well acquainted with the latter - its natural beauties, salubrity, and elegant improvements - to render it necessary for us to direct their attention to the announcement; but it will aid our distant friends to observe that such an opportunity to add the richest floral gems to their collections has certainly never been offered before, and one which we are sure they will not be slow to avail themselves of. The collection of Cactuses alone, has but few rivals in the world, and probably such another, embracing such fine and rare specimens, could not be got together again without years of labor, and great expense. We cannot close this notice without referring to a magnificent specimen of the Brownea grandi-ceps, which the collection contains; perhaps second only to the renowned Amherstia nobilis in rarity, grandeur, and beauty.

Fortunate, indeed, will be the lucky man who secures it.