There is a journal published in England, known as the Villa Gardener, which constantly appropriates matter from The Horticulturist and other journals without a word of credit. And if the name of the author is added, it is almost invariably mis-spelled, so as to appear like an original contribution from another party. It was somewhat aggravating to our feelings, lately, to find that some articles written for The Horticulturist, originally by Annie G. Hale, on Everlasting Flowers, and paid for by us as special articles, and duly copyrighted, were quoted bodily in the Villa Gardener with no credit to The Horticulturist, and the author's name was mis - spelt Hole. The same article found its way with its errors into the Gardener's Record, of Dublin, Ireland, and was credited to the Villa Gardener. In one issue of the Villa Gardener, over five pages were taken bodily from The Horticulturist without any credit; and in another issue, an article was wrongly credited to Agriculturist instead of Horticulturist. Any journal, which makes such studied point of ignoring all possible credit to any other literary periodical, and apparently lives on the borrowed honor paid for from other publishers' pockets, deserves criticism.