The editor of the St. Paul Press still maintains the existence of bushes at Pembina, bearing strawberries thereon. It is not a raspberry, as some one suggested, but a genuine strawberry,

"The berry in question has not only the full flavor and form, but the stalk of the strawberry, and has nothing whatever of the raspberry about it. It is a misnomer to defer so far to popular parlance as to call it a bush strawberry, for it does not grow on a bush, but on an upright stalk ; the only difference so far as we can recollect, between the stalk and the creeping vine, being that the former is upright and terminates in a group of stems supporting a cluster of berries. The stalk is in all respects a straw, like that of clover or the vine of the ordinary strawberry, and has no resemblance whatever to the woody fibre and bark of the stalk of the raspberry bush".

The editor has evidently got a white elephant and don't know what to do with it. The defense is a pretty bad one.