At a meeting of the Board of Officers of this Society, held pursuant to notice, at Elmira, on the 4th day of August, it was resolved to hold a Fall Exhibition at Ely's Hall, in Elmira, on the 15th day of September, one day and evening. A Premium List was made and ordered printed, together with regulations and Committees, which can be had on application to any of the officers of the Society. - Liberal Premiums are offered on all the different kinds of Fruits, Flowers, Vegetable?, Wines, etc. The following Committees were appointed:

Committee On Fruits

R.B. Van ValKenburgh, Bath; H. Luce, Elmira; J. S. Bush, Tioga, Pa.; II. D. Bice, Elmira; G. D. Williams, Coming.

Committee On Flowers

D. L. Word, Towanda, Pa,; S.M. Rcxford, Binghampton; S. B. Rowley, Corning; Mrs. L. Winton, Havana; Miss A, Arnot, Elmira.

Committee On Vegetable

A. L Wynkoop, Chemung; I)r. N. Winton, Havana; E. S. Sweet, Owego; Col. Geo. Franham, Addison; Silas Fordam, Factoryville, E.P.Brooks,on Notice wines F.Hall Elmira; J. F. Donaldson, Pa.; Asher Tyler, Elmira; P. C, Cook, Bath;