The following statement relative to the synonyms of some well known pears, is an extract from a letter of Andre Leroy, dated Angers. Aug. 18,1852, and although furnishing information well known to our eminent pomologists, may be of interest to others: " The Beurre d'Anjou, we find is the same as Ne plus Meuris; Duchesse d'Orleans is our Beurre St. Nicholas, raised at Angers, and very well known to every nurseryman of our country. The Louise d'Orleans is the same as the Urbanlste, well known also. We have received the Flemish Beauty under thirteen different names. Why is it that the English and Belgian Pomologists do not accept our name of Beurre d'Aremberg for the pear that the first call Glout Morceau? And our Orpheline d'

Enghein?" [The names Glout Morccau and Beurre d'drembergk. as applied lo the French Aremberg, and Orpheline d'Engenheim, have become so fixed and universal in England and America, that it would be entirely out of the question to think of changing them now, and they must, from necessity, retain their present meaning and application. Ed].