It is stated that at Fuchsia Nursery, Woolwich, England, there is one of the largest beds of ornamental plants known. The bed is 34 feet long, 11 feet wide, and contains 2000 plants, costing $300. Here in America we may not possibly have anything quite as costly as that, yet our American flower gardeners can produce some magnificent displays of flowers, which in gorgeousness of color will challenge comparison anywhere.

At the nursery of Ellwanger and Barry, Rochester, there are two fine beds of ornamental plants, one of fine foliaged plants, the other of Gen. Grant Geraniums.

The bed of foliage plants is round, with a diameter of twenty feet. A group of Cannas is planted in the center, then a row each of Abutilon Thompsoni, Gnaphalium lantum, Iresine Lindeni, Artemisia Stelleriana, and Alternanthera, all planted in the order they are named, commencing from the center. The geranium bed is very effective. It is twenty feet in diameter, and contains upward of 125 plants, with a border of Centaurea Candidissima, The brilliant red of the geraniums, the pure white foliage of the Centaurea, and the green lawn, form a charming contrast.

Iresine Lindeni has proved to be one of the most valuable bedding plants. The foliage is of a deep blood-red color, and the plant is of a neat, bushy habit. It can be trimmed into any shape.

General Ulot Geranium, of more brilliant color than the Grant, with fine truss, and a profuse bloomer, promises to supersede that well known geranium. For flowering or forcing in the house, there is none better.