AVERY striking example of the effectiveness of ribbon gardening was seen last year on the grounds of Peter Henderson, at Bergen, N. J. A circle of nine feet in diameter was laid out, upon the outer line of which was planted Centaurea gymnocarpa, a plant with whitish gray, fern-like foliage, growing about one foot in height. The next line was planted with Zonule Geranium, with scarlet flowers, growing about eighteen inches in height. The third line contained golden-leaved Coleus (C. Cociniatus), and the centre the well-known crimson-leaved Coleus (C. Versohaffeltii). The diameter of the outer two circles is about two and a-half feet each; the third, one foot at the centre, six feet across.

Several other effective styles were successfully carried out; for instance, a crescent, arranged as follows: The outer lines, all around the edge, were planted with the golden tri-color Geranium, "Mrs. Pollock"; leaves yellow, crimson and green. Immediately inside this was the AchyranthusGilsonii, with carmine or purple leaves, and in the very centre was put the Coleus Verschaffeltii ; leaves deep crimson, yet velvet-like texture.

A border, six feet wide, parallel to a walk, was planted first with a row of Lobelia Erinus, having flowers of the richest shade of azure blue; next, the zonale geranium "Bronte Queen", leaves of golden bronze, with scarlet flowers; then a line of Mountain of Snow Geranium, leaves white and green. The fourth line is Achyran-thus Gilsonii, and the fifth, or last marginal line is variegated Sweet Alyseum ; leaves white and green, with white flowers.

The Turk's Turban is a circular flower bed, ten feet in diameter, the centre of which is a crimson Coleus; next to this is a strip of white ribbon grass, and the outer strip is of the crimson Aehyranthus. The two last each occupy strips about one and a-half feet, and the crimson Colens the rest.

The effect is most gorgeous, presenting a blaze of brilliant beauty to the eyes of all visitors. The same arrangements can be made use of indefinitely throughout the country; and as the materials for bedding plants are so cheap, we expect to see ribbon gardening become more and more fashionable.