The first weekly meeting, for the season, of the Toledo Horticultural Society, was held on the 14th of June, and was well attended. The show of fruits was small, as was to have been expected so early in the season.

Cherries Exhibited

By C. E. Perlgo, Cleveland Blgarrean. By Federick Bissell, Mayduke, and Black Tartarian By T. M. Cooley, Mayduke, Knight's Early Black, and Elton. By M. Johnson, Black Tartarian. By Mrs. E. Bits Mayduke. By D. Wadsworth, Black Tartarian. The Maydukes were almost, without exception, very fine, as were also the Cleveland Bigarreau.


By M. Johnson, Hovey's Seedling. By H. Bentnik, Hovey's Seedling; and Large Early Scarlet By C. E. Perigo, Large Early Scarlet.


By C. E. Perigo, Amber, very large and fine. An unknown variety, by 0. E. Woodruff.

In vegetables, the show was quite respectable. In flowers, it quite surpassed expectation.

Maddocks, Perlgo and Prentice, exhibited forty-three varieties of Hybid Perpetual, Moss, and Bourbon Roses, specimens of Rhododendron, Ficus clasticus, Cryptomeria, Arbor Vitae, Warrians, and several other varieties of Evergreens, and several varioUes of Paeonlas in bloom. Hanson & Co. exhibited four varieties Calceolaris, Cactus Ououis, and Cactus Cucacanthus, an m bloom. Boquets, without lists of the flowers, were presented by Mrs. E. Bliss, Mrs. M. Johnson, Mrs. J. W. Scott, Mrs. T. Dunlap, Mrs. C. E. Perigo, Mrs. H. Bennet, Miss M. Young, and Hanson & Co.

Mr. William Machen, a young artist of Toledo, presented for inspection his collection of paint ings of "indigenous birds of the neighborhood," embracing upwards of a hundred varieties, collected and painted from life by himself and some of them for the first time now brought to public notice. The collection elicited universal admiration, as well from the industry and enterprise exhibited by Mr. Machen in obtaining it, as from the truthfulness with which nature had in all instances been copied.

The meetings of the society are to be held weekly through the season.