This is a most useful plant for late autumn and winter decorations, and being of a very dwarf and compact habit, neat little specimens can be grown in six-inch pots. They may be propagated from cuttings in spring, treating it in every way same as spring struck Geraniums, and then planting it out in good rich soil in the first week of June, as soon as all danger from frost is over, and must be attended to during the summer, should dry weather set in, with a liberal supply of water. About the end of September, lift them carefully, and pot them into five or six-inch pots, and afterwards place them in a close pit or frame, taking care to shade them for a few days, until they get over the change, when all the light and air possible should be given them. At this stage of their culture, they will be showing plenty of bloom, and if good fibry loam is used when potting them, they will continue to grow and flower freely for a long time.

This Veronica makes a good plant for a front line on a conservatory stage, and is very useful for mixing among other dwarf plants. Gardeners' Record.