We are assured by letters from California, that a new locality for these gigantic trees has been discovered, and thus the fears of the public lest the few known would be destroyed, and the most extraordinary tree would be lost, at least to the view, for centuries, are needless.

Dr. Torrey examined critically the circles and rings in a complete radius of a Washing-tonia exhibited in this country, and found they were 1,120 in number. The facts showed that the tree lacked about three centuries of being half as old as it was said to be. Its size is rather owing to its continued rapid growth.

A Plan of the New York Park, prepared by our correspondent, A. G. Baumann, Landscape-Gardener, of that city, has been forwarded for our inspection. This park is a parallelopipedon of hundreds of acres, mostly without river scenery, but Mr. Baumann has made much of it, and interspersed his trees and ornaments in a judicious manner. We trust his plan will receive the attention it merits.