I do not profess to be posted in the methods of wine manufacture - not even with any method. But I have lately become acquainted with a mode adopted by one of my neighbors, which I propose to report to your readers, and leave them to decide upon its value, and the correctness of the reasoning which induced him to adopt it. The method and reasoning are these, as far as I can state them:

The ripe grapes are first mashed in a tub or vat, where they are allowed to remain till active fermentation ensues. They are then drained - not pressed - for a given period. The liquid thus obtained is carried to the cask intended for it, and allowed to continue its fermentation through a sy phon. This first drawing he calls his first-class, or No. 1 wine.

He next adds to the grapes, still in the tub, water and sugar, in quantity, as he says, sufficient to give the mass as much sugar as it had in the beginning. This he also drains off, after fermentation, and places in another cask, to be treated as the first. This makes his No. 2, or second quality of wine.

The grape mass is still to undergo a similar process for the third, and in some cases the fourth time; draining, not pressing, each time. This make his third-class of wine and vinegar.

Now for the theory, if I can succeed in stating it. Nature, in the process of ripening the grape, has only prepared a portion of the juice for wine; while that retained in the pulpy or cellular portion has yet to be disengaged or set free by fermentation. His theory is, that this fermentation disengages it; and draining is preferable as a means of separating it rather than pressure, which also brings out the pieces of the skin and harder substances.

Now, Mr. Editor, will you, or some of your wine-making correspondents, tell us what you think of my neighbor's mode of wine manufacture, and what will be the character of the wine manipulated in that way ?

I will add that I have seen a half-dozen specimens of his vintage of 1867 made as described; but as I am not a connoisseur, I can express no opinion of their quality.