R. Peet, Pittsburg

We shall endeavor to look up the subject you name, but fear it has escaped us.

Many communications received shall be attended to in our next A Pound of Cotton, was manufactured and exhibited at the Crystal Palace into four thousand two hundred hanks of the same number of yards each, making two thousand miles from the single pound I If therefore we multiply the produce of one year or one billion four hundred and eighty million pounds only by four hundred and thirty, the length of thread that a single crop of cotton could make, would be over six hundred billions of miles, or sufficient for a web of stout calico, a yard wide, and containing eighty five threads to the inch that would be more than enough to reach from us to the sun. - Ewbank. - "The World a Workshop-"

Raab, Or Honey

Bunch, a little below medium, not shouldered, very compact. Berry, below medium, deep red, and as sweet as honey; to my taste, as good as the best; scarcely any pulp at all; said to be hardy.

The Rabbit Fancier

The fancy for rabbits, lop-eared and others, has just taken hold of a large number, and this work is well timed.

Rabbits And Young Tree

An Ohio correspondent of the Rural New Yorker gives directions as to keeping rabbits and mice from gnawing young trees. He advises to tie five or six corti-stalks, cat about two and a half feet long, about each tree, setting them close together.

Rabbits Vs. Sulphur

I have tried the experiment, [from the acccunt in a former number,] the present winter, of placing small pieces of cloth dipped in melted sulphur, around a small nursery of fruit trees, at the distance of eight or ten feet from each other, and thus far it has been an impregnable barrier against the ravages of rabbits, which, in winters past, have been very destructive. C. P. Granville, Ohio, Feb. 10, 1851.

Radclyffe's New Catalogue Of Bulbs

The new Autumn Catalogue of Dick Radclyffe & Co., 129 High Holborn, W.C., London, England, contains 68 pages of closely printed and richly illustrated horticultural matter. It is one of the most useful of all the foreign catalogues we have yet seen, and is embellished with many ornamental designs for household floral decorations. The American trade will be interested in it.

The Railroads

We shall endeavor to give an early insertion to "Horticola's" article on "the Railroads in a social point of view." As at present managed, they are a despotism, on a reduced scale, as bad as some of the thousand and one despotic institutions in the old countries of Europe. Wo are glad that somebody will aid us in taking the pert of the humbled public against the Lords of the rails.

The Railroads, History And Commerce Of Chicago. 1855

We indebted for this pamphlet to William Bross, Esq., one of the prominent and energetic citizens of that wonderful city, Chicago. The whole story of this "new world" is astonishing, and beyond the dreams of eastern romance.


For the best exhibition of, grown and cured in the United States, Premium, The Society's Silver Medal.