This variety is not exactly a Borecole, in the strict meaning of the term, but it may be ranked as such. The stem will rise, in good ground, to the height of four feet, on the top of which is a partially closed, flat crown of incurved, roundish leaves (forming the head), and on the whole length of the stalk below, there are numerous small sprouts (like miniature cabbages), that serve for a second cutting after the top has been removed. The flavor is quite equal to asparagus, but the plant will not bear extreme frost. If sown the beginning of May, and afterwards planted out two feet apart, the tops will be ready for use during the latter part of fall;' and after the beads are used up, the stalks should be dug out, and planted close together in a frame, and protected from the severity of winter, air and light being admitted at all farorable opportunities. In this way, the small buttons may be cat as wanted, and will furnish many a good dish, far superior to the common drum-head cabbage.