This is a very large and beautiful Plum; a free, vigorous grower, and a most prolific bearer. Highly valuable. We received it from Wm. Kenrick, in 1839, under the name of Large Black Imperial; but it has been described in Hovey's Magazine as Bradshaw, and we have adopted that name in our catalogues. It is of foreign origin.

Fruit - very large, nearly or quite equal to the Yellow Egg, or Magnum Bonum. Form - oval-obovate with a alight suture on one side only. Color - dark violet-red, with an azure bloom.

Stalk - half to three-fourths of an inch long. Flesh - yellowish-green, a little coarse, but juicy and sweet; adheres to the stone. Tree - remarkably vigorous, erect, and regular in growth, equalling the Smith's Orleans. Shoots - smooth, reddish. Buds - short and pointed. Foliage - large, glossy, serrated, and wavy at the edges. Ripe middle of August immediately succeeding the Peach Plum. We described this variety three or four years ago, in the Genesee Farmer.

Jaune Hative.