Briggs & Bro., the famous Seedsmen and Florists, inform us that the January Number of their Illustrated Floral Work is now in press, and will be issued soon; that it will be the grandest work they ever issued- - eclipsing their famous catalogues of 73 and 72. From the well known character of this house, we may expect something elegant.

We would call attention to the old and reliable Nursery Establishment of Sturrs, Harrison & Co., Painesville, 0., whose ad vertiscment appears in another column.

Mr. James J. H. Gregory, of Marblehead, Mass., aims to supply one great want, which many a good farmer, when too late, has felt to his keen sorrow: Garden seed that know how to come up; and, when the crop is gathered, proves to be just the kind the label said they were. Mr. Gregory is one of the few seedsmen in the United States who grows a large portion of the seed he sells, and he gets out a live catalogue, as would be expected of the original introducer of the Hubbard Squash. His illustrated catalogue will be sent free to all applicants.

Corresponding Editors Josiah Hoopes, James Taplin, Mark Miller Vol. 29. February, 1874. No. 332