William Bright of Philadelphia, having returned from England, respectfully informs Pomelogists and the Public at large, that his New Work on the Culture of the Grape is now ready for delivery. It is entitled, Bright's Single Stem, Dwarf and Renewal System of Grape Culture, Adapted to the Vineyard, the Grapery, and the Fruiting of Vines in Pots, on Trellises, Arbors, etc.

In this work Full Directions are given for Cultivating and Fruiting Pot Vines; a new System of Pruning for the Vineyard ; New Method of Making Vine Porders ; New Management of Cold Grapery ; New Views on Fertilizing the Grape.

This is not a compilation of old matter respecting the Vine, hut a purely original work, full of new suggestions for planting, pruning, training, and fruiting the Grape, under all kinds of culture ; drawn from personal experience, and recently confirmed by the opinions of the best Grape-growers in England.

Price of the work FIFTY CENTs per single copy. Sent by mail to all parts of the United States and Canada, postage paid, on receipt of the price. Postage stamps received in payment.

A Liberal Discount to the Trade. Address,


627 Market St., Phila., Pa.


Wholesale Agents, 25 Park Row, New York.

April, May and June.


Will sell their surplus Strawberries at Reduced Rates. 25,000 Prince's Scarlet Magnate, the largest, and most firm of all for market, $10 per 1,000.

The following varieties, assorted by us, each at $5 to $7 per 1,000 :

Alpine Wood (Red & White), Boston Pine, Burr's Pine, Crimson Cone, Dundee, Early Scarlet, Genesee, Hooker, Hovey, Hudson, Iowa, Jenny Lind, Moyamensing, Orange Prolific, Prolific Hautbols, Rival Hudson, Scarlet Cone, Walker's Seedling, Wilson's Albany.

The following varieties at $10 per 1,000:

Alpine Monthly (Red and White), Green Pine, Jesse Read, Longworth's Prolific, McAvoy's No. 1, McAvoy's Superior, Peabody, Read's Black Pine, Read's Golden-seeded, Scarlet Melting, Trollope's Victoria, Western Queen.

The following varieties at $12 per 1,000 :

Charles' Favorite, Cornucopia, Diadem, Eclipse, Globose Scarlet, Imperial Scarlet, Ladies' Pine, Malvina, Myatt's Prolific, Primate, Triumphant Scarlet. N. B. - -By reference to the Report of the Penological Convention, it will be seen that all English, French, and Belgian Varieties are rejected as valueless.

We ask especial reference to our Descriptive Strawberry Catalogue, comprising 140 varities.