The most complete and reliable publication we have yet seen, on the subject of Vineyard Culture, and Wine-Making, in America. It is the fruit of large experience, not only of the author himself, but of many of the most intelligent and observing gentlemen around Cincinnati, who are practically concerned in this culture. We commend it to all who are seeking information on the subject.

The Culture Of The Grape, And Wine-Making #1

By Robert Buchanan. We are not surprised to see a sixth edition of this very valuable and interesting manual, from the Cincinnati press. It is exactly what its purchaser wants, is full of facts, and not a word too much will be found in its pages. It is a highly creditable and extremely useful work, which should be in the hands of all who have a grape-vine or a strawberry bed, the latter fruit being treated of in a supplement. Mr. Buchanan's name is favorably and inseparably connected with the enterprise of grape-growing in the West.

J. J. Thomas will accept our thanks for a copy of his Annual Register of Rural Affairs, published by Luther Tucker & Son, Albany. It is well done, and the best almanac for the farmer, Ac. The report of the New York Fruit Growers Society came too late.