From the universal complaint of bugs in peas, I am led to infer that there is no known variety exempt Is this so! However this may be we have a red variety (whereof the enclosed is a sample) of good flavor and productive, that during seventeen years constant cultivation in our family, has never, that we know of, till the past season, shown a buggy pea, though often grown with other badly affected varieties. When grown together, mixed with these affected sorts it has seemed in a measure to protect them, for there would be comparatively few buggy ones. Do you know the variety! (1).

For years now I have been beset and tantalized about a " Connecticut White Rose," so very large, and double, and nice, and tall growing withal, that all I can possibly get hold of in the nurseries are no comparison. The Globe While is pretty, Madam Plantier and Madam Hardy very fine, but they are not the kind after all. In utter despair I appeal to you - what can it be! (2.) F. K. Phoenix. - Delavan, Wis.

(1.) No.

(2.) Probably the old White Provence.

Will you please answer the following questions in the next number of the Horticulturist! What time do you consider the best to plant Osage Orange seed! (1).

Does Red Cedar make a good hedge! and if so, should it be shorn as hedges commonly are ? (2.) When is the best time to transplant evergreen trees, such as Spruce, Hemlock, Silver Spruce, and Cedar! (3).

Can Mountain Ash be propagated by cuttings! (4) A Subscriber. - Normandale, C. W.

(1.) About the first of May, but any time during the month will do, and even later if necessary. Soak at least twenty-four hours in warm water before sowing.

(2.) The Red Cedar does make a beautiful hedge. It requires shearing at least once a year.

(8.) From the middle of April till the middle of May. Perhaps the very best time is from the 1st to the 15th of May in your climate.

(4.) Always propagated from seeds, or by grafting or budding to increase new or rare sorts.