WILL you please to advise me in regard to these enquiries:


My employer is building a new place, and quite a discussion has arisen in regard to the greenhouse. In making some improvements, we excavated what was intended for a greenhouse cellar; others advise us now to close up the excavation, and have no cellar. My opinion has been asked and given as follows: Not to close up the cellar, but build it up frost-proof with proper ventilation, covering over with hard pine plank, tongued and grooved, and made water tight, the cellar to be kept for the storage of some plants and shrubs which will not stand the winter outside, and yet is not desirable to have them in the greenhouse.


In making borders for a hot grapery, which is the best, to make them all outside, or all inside, or both?


In making the borders for a cold grapery, which is best, all inside, or outside, or both?

The situation of the above place is a good deal exposed, standing about two hundred feet above tide water, and is at present very much exposed to the north and north-east winds. The building is intended to be about one hundred feet long, running north and south. The present calculation is to have a span roof, and to be divided into three apartments: First, on the north end, is to be a greenhouse; second, in the middle, is to be a forcing house for grapes, and third, on the south end, will, or is intended to be a cold grapery.

Any information from you or any other of the numerous patrons of The Horticulturist, will be thankfully received. John Irvin.