In a late English horticultural journal, we find the following: "Among subjects of exhibition were some of unusual interest, and, considering the coldness of the weather, they were more numerous than could have been expected. Mr. Standish, of Bagshot, sent an example of the double-flowered Camellia reticulata - a variety which the Chinese were known to possess, but which has never before been introduced to this country. This new variety was sent to Bagshot, some years since, by Mr. Fortune, from the north of China. He bought it from a Chinaman, under the representation that it was a double reticulata, which has proved to be the fact. It entirely resembles reticulata in leaf; the flower is a vivid crimson, and quite double, and the plant is said to be a much better grower than even that gigantic kind. A bloom on a strong plant, about three weeks since, was reported to measure five and three-fourths inches across, and to be perfectly double; but the one on the specimen shown was not so large as it was on a small side branch. When planted out, however, and a strong plant, Mr. Standish had no doubt that it will grow and produce blooms of enormous size.

It must therefore be regarded as a great acquisition".