In our description of the Camellia Spiralis rubra we stated that we had a plate of another of Mr. Becar's seedlings/to which he had given the name of Mr. Down-ing. Mr. Becar's purpose was to sell the plants by subscription, and devote the proceeds to the erection of a monument to Mr. Downing's memory. Mr. Becar unfortunately died before this praiseworthy purpose was fulfilled, and the project died with him. This, undoubtedly, is by far the best of Mr. Becar's seedlings, and one of the very finest Camellias in cultivation. The flower is large and full; the form is beautiful; and the color of a rich glowing rose, exquisitely shaded off to a silvery rose at the edge of the petals, this shading constituting a feature whereby this Camellia may be distinguished from others of similar color. The foliage and habit are good. It is worthy of a place in the choicest collections. Our drawing was made by a young son of Mr. Chorlton, of Staten Island, and is very creditable to him. He possesses a talent for drawing which he should cul tivate assiduously.

Our colorist, we find, has been unable to show the proper tint, in consequence of the blending of the printer's ink.