We present for a frontispiece this month a remarkable Camellia raised by the late Noel J. Becar, in his day one of the first Camellia amateurs in the country. This is the Camellia which Mr. Becar first dedicated to A. J. Downing; but this name was subsequently given to another seedling, of which we also have a plate. The flower now presented has never been named, but by some has been vulgarly called the Screw a name more expressive than elegant. We now give it the name of Spiralis rubra. The form, as now given, is constant, and not a mere variation. It will be noticed that the spirals are remarkably symmetrical, and we have never seen them otherwise. The color and substance are unexceptionable, and the habit good; and among those who admire a departure from ordinary forms, it will be come a popular plant. Our drawing was taken from a plant grown by Mr. Humphreys, of Brooklyn, who has the original stock.

Camellia Spiralis Rubra.

Camellia Spiralis Rubra