Mr. Hogg had seen six which weighed three pounds, very large, white stone, juicy. Last of September and to 5th October. Added as promising well Mr. Berck-man's proposed the Chinese Cling or Shanghai as a very superior peach in the south. D. Redmond: One of the best and most delicious clings - large oblong - perfectly white. The Honey peach is a free stone. Mr. Westbrook of North Carolina: The very best peach with me. Mr. Saul: The China peach was sent in pots to Mr. Downing; but we never fruited it. It went south, and I think the peach Mr. Berckmans speaks of must be the same one. Added to the list as promising well. Columbia. Added to list that promises well.

The hour for adjournment having arrived, Mr. Hogg of New York proposed that a vote of thanks be tendered to the President for the very able manner in which he bad discharged his duties during the present Session and all former Sessions of the Society. The vote of thanks was enthusiastically awarded to Mr. Wilder. Mr. Wilder was deeply affected by this testimony of regard, and said he was willing to spend and be spent, in this beautiful field. He believed that his Creator had endowed him with a strong love for these pursuits, and he had always done all in his power to advance their interests. With a strong sense of what he owed to those who associated with him in this matter, and hoping that they might enjoy the blessing of their labor hereafter, he again thanked them for their kindly sentiments towards him.

It was also moved that Mr. Barry, the retiring Secretary, receive a vote of thanks for the manner in which he had performed his services. Unanimously accorded. Mr. Barry, in a few words, said he had done, and would do all he could for the society.

It was also moved that a vote of thanks be presented to that portion of the Agricultural and Horticultural press which had forwarded the true interests of Horticulture and Pomology. Carried.

Mr. Cabot then moved that the Society adjourn to meet in Philadelphia in 1860, at the call of the President. Carried. Adjourned.

[Our reporter has done great justice to the Pomological Convention. If any errors have occurred, they took place when three or four were speaking at once. We have devoted all the space at our command to the Convention, and when we receive the official report, shall take pleasure in completing the account as to entries, lists of apples, etc. The display of fruits, notwithstanding the season has been a comparatively poor one, was as gratifying as it was surprising. - Ed].