Mr. Bird, farmer, at Burton, near Bamburgh, England, has just sustained a heavy loss in a singular manner. He had a flock of 867 sheep, which were recently "dipped " in a chemical solution used for destroying ticks, and then turned out to grass. It is supposed that this solution was washed off the sheep by a shower of rain and that the grass on which it fell being eaten by the sheep poisoned them, as in six days only 26 out of the flock of 867 remained alive.

Dr. Theodor Kotschy has announced for publication, under the name of " Die Eichen Europa's und dee Orient's," a history of all the oaks found wild in Europe and the Levant. It is to appear in 10 numbers, published every two months, each containing 10 sheets of letterpress and five plates, with the text in Latin, German, French, and English. It is well known to botanists that Dr. Kotschy has made the European Oaks his especial study, as well as those of Asia Minor, whence he has distributed many supposed new species, some of which are remarkably unlike our own. The publisher is Holzel of Olmutz.