Under this name we have received specimens of a large, oblong, handsome, striped Apple, of very good quality, from Mr. "W. Collins, Jr., Smyrna, N. Y. He says the tree is a vigorous, upright grower, and a great bearer. We have found the same Apple at Brockport, in this county, under the name of Strawberry.

The North Western Pomological Sooiety has postponed its next meeting as will be seen by the following circular.

Burlikgton, Iowa, Sept. 7th; 1854.

"In consequence of the severe and protracted drouth which has prevailed the present season throughout the fruit-bearing region of the North-west, and the consequent nearly total failure of fruits of every description, the undersigned Committee of Arrangements of the North Western Fruit Growers Association, appointed at the meeting of 1853, deem it best to postpone entirely the session of 1854, which was to have been held at this place, until the season of 1856.

They have been especially induced to pursue this course, presuming that the principal object of the meeting of the Association west of the Mississippi River is to inspect and test the fruits of this region. The failure of our fruit crop being (in common with our neighboring States) nearly complete, in consequence of drouth, the disappointment to visitors from abroad would not be less than the mortification of Western Fruit Growers at their inability to make a display worthy the attention of the Association".

Henry Avest, Abner Leonard, G. C. Nealley, Comm. of Arrangements N. W. Fruit Growers Association.