On F, wife - T. M. Cooley, B. F. Strong, S. Lathrop, B. J. Harvey. On Flowers - Mies C. Orensby, Mrs. W. H. Scott, Mrs. S. Lathrop, B. W. Steer, W. H. Scott. On Vegetables - E. H. Pllcber, A. G. Eastman, J. W. Helme On Finznce and Library - W. H. Scott, W. Owen, A. J. Dean. On Reference - B. F. Strong, S. Lathrop.

The following resolution was then offered and adopted unanimously:

Resolved That It is the experience of the members of this Society that persons desirous of procuring fruit trees or shrubs from eastern nurserymen, cannot depend upon, and should not trust those representing themselves to he agents, who often hare contracts for disposing of refuse stock - but that such persons should address the proprietors directly - that as a general thing it is policy to procure stock as near home as possible when it can be obtained from reliable nurserymen.

Some illustrations were given in the course of the discussion which this resolution elicited of the manner in which confiding people are sometimes gulled and defrauded by the traveling tree hawkers, who often succeed in getting more for worthless stock than would be charged by reliable nurserymen for that of first quality.

The condition of the Society is unusually prosperous, and in addition to the weekly shows of fruits and flowers, it is contemplated to hold two considerable exhibitions during the coming summer and fall - Adrian Watchtower.