Allow me to suggest to those of your readers who contemplate laying out, planting, or altering, their ornamental or pleasure grounds, the importance of so arranging and classifying the Plants and Shrubs in clumps or beds as to have each to show a mass of bloom at the same season. For instance, a clump for early bloom might be composed of Dogwood, White and Rose colored Judus trees in the centre, White and Purple Magnolia, White and Red Pyrus Japouica, Ribes Sanginneum, Double Flowering Almond, Forsythia Viridissima Spirea Prunifolia, Calycanthus, etc. For later bloom, say White Fringe tree and Snowball in the centre, Common, White and Persian Lilac, Syringa, Spirea Reevesii, Wiegela Rosea, different varieties of Cractegus or Hawthorn, Brown, Mahonia Aguifolium, Azalias, Roses, etc. and so on throughout the season. The effect of such a variety and mass of bloom has a most charming effect, far exceeding that of the same number of plants in isolated positions.

I have heard such frequent complaints of the want of hardy evergreen Shrubs for planting in shrubberies and clumps, as to induce me to call the attention of your readers to that much neglected, but very beautiful and hardy plant, the tree variety of the box. Many persons are prejudiced against this plant in consequence of the formal appearance of most of the specimens in this neighborhood. But if it is allowed to grow unmolested by the shears or knife, its shape is as graceful as any other evergreen. It is easily propagated and at the same time so perfectly hardy that I am surprised to find that it is not more popular. Put in cuttings very early in the spring in rather a shady situation and by fall they will be well rooted, Yours, D.

The effects alluded to are worthy of study; the Forsythia viridissima (yellow) contrasted with the Pyrus Japonica (two varieties), and the Spirea prunifl. pl.. (white), which flower at the same time in early May, form a group which the smallest garden might easily possess. The White Wistaria, if it blooms at the same time with the Blue, should be planted with it We have not yet been so fortunate as to see the former, which appears to be still very scarce. - Ed.