A Practical Treatise on the Conifer®, or Cone-bearing Plants. By Josiah Hoopes.

Messrs. Orange Judd & Co., publishers, Broadway, New York, have just issued a book with the above title, which we take great pleasure in commending as the labor of a scientific and practical cultivator.

The subject is one of interest to all classes, inasmuch as evergreens play a very important part in the decoration of our homes and in the shielding of them, as well as our orchards, from harsh, cold winds and storms. In both popular and scientific language the author describes the many species, and treats practically of their propagation, their hardihood, etc., in such a manner as can not fail to make the work a necessity to every planter. Botanically, we have long felt the want of just such a work as is here presented, and are thankful to the author for the care he has evidently taken in striving to arrive at correct names. The book is gotten up in the usual good style of its publishers; is abundantly illustrated with engravings, executed in a very superior manner, and can not fail to take its appropriate place as a standard of authority on evergreens for this country. Price, $3.