We have the pleasure of announcing the early publication, from the office of the Horticulturist, of a valuable new book, entitled, "Forest Trees and Native Evergreens for Shelter, Ornament and Profit, by Arthur Bryant, Sr., President of the Illinois State Horticultural Society." Mr. Bryant has bestowed upon this work close attention, aiming to make it complete in all its information, and a handy, practical manual for all tree planters or tree growers. The detailed descriptions of trees are by far the most complete and accurate of any work now extant on Timber Culture.

It is written in a plain, simple, condensed style, that will be liked by every farmer, and we know it will be highly appreciated by Western readers, as it is specially adapted to Western necessities. We have good reason to believe that it will be acknowledged and accepted by all, as the best on the subject ever published in this country. It will contain over 200 pages, be printed in excellent style, and price not over $1.50.