A Practical Treatise on Grasses and Forage Plants. By Charles L. Flint, A.M. New York: Putnam & Co.

Descriptive Catalogue of a choice collection of fruit and Ornamental Trees, Ac. Ac. For sale by D, Channcey Brewer, Hampden Nursery, Springfield, Massachusetts.

M. B. Bateham & Co.'s Catalogue Columbus Nursery, Ohio (Ellwanger & Barry, and M. B.

Bateham, Proprietors), contains an essay on planting and managing trees, with a list of their stock, and additional observations of interest.

New York State Agricultural Society's List of Premiums and Regulations for the Seventeenth Annual Fair, to be held at Buffalo, October 6, 7, 8, 9,1867. Look out for prises, which are numerous and liberal.

Mr. E. W. Bull sends us a fine picture of the Concord Grape, with testimonials such as no one who reads them can resist, but must "plant immediately." The words, in large letters, " Inch in Diameter!" " No Mildew, Rot, or Drop Off!" has already induced an order from ourselves for this variety, so much esteemed at the eastward, and already coming northwards into favor.

Extrait du Catalogue des Plantes cultivees ches Pele, Rue de Lourcine, Paris, 1857.

A List of Plants for sale by John Wilson at the Albany Nursery, N. Y. Very neatly got up, and varied in contents.

Reports of the Committee for 1856 of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, and Schedule of Prises for 1857. Boston. To be further reported on.

N. Coe, Esq., of Oregon Territory, will accept our thanks for seeds and flowers from that interesting region. We shall report on their beauty and value in due time.

Arctic Adventure. Edited by Epes Sargent, Boston. Philips, Sampson & Co.

J. M. Thorburn & Co., 15 John St., New York, advertise that they have the true Imphee or Sorgo Seed, at one dollar a pound, and have placed a pound at our disposal for triaL

Mr. R. Peters, of Atlanta, Georgia, will accept our sincere thanks for valuable packages of seeds, and a superb specimen of the silky dress of his Cashmere herd.