The Fair for the present year is to be held in New York city, on the 3d, 4th, 5th and 6th of October. By the following proceedings of a meeting held in New York, May 5th, it will be seen that the American Institute, and the New York Horticultural Society are to unite with the State Society, which will, no doubt, make the show, the present year, exceedingly attractive:

"Mr. L. G. Morris, from a committee appointed by local committee of New York to confer with the American Institute, in relation to united action in the Agricultural Department at the next Fair - reported, that the committee had performed their duty, and presented the resolutions adopted by the Institute:

"Resolved, That, in view of the Fair of the State Society being held In this city during October next, it is inexpedient lor the Institute to hold any Agricultural Fair the present year, except as in connection with the State Agricultural Society.

"Resolved, That this Institute will hold an Agricultural Fair in connection with the State Agricultural Society.

"On motion of John A. King, "Resolved, That the Executive Committee concur in the resolutions of the American Institute.