Catalogue Of A. S, Borne* & Co's, Publications

For gratuitous circulation. New York, 51 John street.

A series of important scientific and school books.

Catalogue Of Fruit And Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, And Plants

By F. Trowbridge, New Haven, Conn. Fourth edition, 1857-8. This contains an essay of value on cranberry culture, and another on the blackberry, from which wine is now made.

Mr. J. C. Thompson, of Tompkinsville, Staten Island, N. Y., sends us a long list of certificates in favor of the Wyandot Prolific Corn, which seems to be worthy of attention.

Catalogue Of Fruit And Other Trees, Grape-Vines, Etc. Etc

Cultivated and for sale at the Fruitland Nurseries, by Redmond and Berckmans, Augusta, Georgia. This is the first issue of a catalogue by a firm commencing under uncommonly favorable auspices. . Mr. B. is the son of our friend, the well-known pomologist of New Jersey, " L. B.," who transfers to the genial climate of Augusta, those fruits best adapted to the South, and who being devoted to the topic, and filled with information, will give advice to the firm, whose intention it is to build up a first class Southern Nursery; with that view they have mainly propagated the finest varieties of Southern Fruit. Pomology is advancing rapidly in that region.

Catalogue Of Green-House Boilers

A very fine Catalogue of Boilers and Green-House material has been issued by Hitchings & Co., 153 Crosby st., this city, containing 46 pages of handsomely illustrated plans and designs, for all necessary fixtures. It is much the finest we have ever seen, and will be of use to every one about to build a new conservatory.

Catalogue Of Pure Red Short Horns, Owned By B. & C. S. Haines, Elizabethtown, N. J

This catalogue of valuable stock has been printed at considerable expense, and contains portraits and genealogies of great interest. It may be had on application to the proprietors.

Annual Review of the Commerce, Manufactures, Public and Private Improvements of Chicago, with a notice of the System of Railroads, and a Topographical View of the City and Vicinity, with reference to its capacity for Drainage, and the adaptation of its soil to the growth of vegetables and fruits.

This curious pamphlet we shall forward to one of our European correspondents, who asked us once if we had ever been at Chick-a-go! to show him what Americans can do when they get a chance at a good " location" for a city. It will astonish him even more than it has us.

Catalogue Of Seeds

The Catalogue of seeds for sale by Mr. Thomas Meehan of Germantown, Philadelphia, embraces nearly everything that can be collected, and will prove of great value to nurserymen as well as amateurs. The prices appear to be very reasonable.

The Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society have published their regulations for the next exhibition at Harisburg. The days selected for the Fair are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the 26th, 26th, 27th and 28th days of September. The Ploughing Match will take place on Friday, the 28th, in the field adjacent to the place of exhibition. Competition is invited from all parts of United States.