The qualities of this new bedding Dahlia are such that henceforth no garden with but half a dozen flower-beds will be complete without it It fills up that void so long felt by many, namely, having a bed composed of large bold flowers, brilliant in color, profuse bloomers, and of dwarf habit. This Dahlia possesses all the above requisites; it will, therefore, be easily imagined how the smaller and more diminutive flowers are lost beside it; added to which, it is one of the easiest plants to preserve throughout the winter, and can be propagated in spring by dividing the roots, in the same way as an ordinary herbaceous plant Persons in the habit of visiting the Crystal Palace last season must have been struck with the noble effect the Dahlia there made when pegged down; but this variety, from its dwarfness of growth, will not require such care; and those who have had the pleasure of viewing the noted gardens of Tedworth House last summer, will be able to appreciate the following particulars given of it by the able superintendent there: "In color, this beautiful dwarf Dahlia is equal to the most glowing scarlet Geranium; the flowers are of a medium size, very double, and full to the centre, of very compact habit, its growth averaging one foot and a half, and having fine dark leaves, which contrast admirably with the brilliant color of the flower; it commences blooming early in July, throwing up great quantities of flowers together, and remains one perfect sheet of bloom, until cut off by the autumn frosts.

As a bedding plant, it will stand pre-eminent, and will be found unequalled for the decoration of the flower-garden during the autumnal months; another and not less excellent quality of this plant is, that neither rain nor sunshine has any effect on its brilliancy".