To an infusion of one ounce and a half of sliced quasia woods, or shavings, in one quart of boiling water, add, when cold, about half a pound of honey or molasses. Place small fiat saucers, half filled with the sweetened mixture, with short straws floated upon it, in different parts of the garden or conservatory, under shelter from the rain, and in such position as may facilitate the approach of the ants. These little creatures will soon discover the traps, the contents of which they greedily devour, despite the intense bitterness. The destructive qualities may be increased by the addition of about half an ounce of ferrocyanate of potash. Bee-keepers alone need be cautious of their stocks, for it is equally fatal to this kindred tribe of useful insects; but the danger may be avoided by a gauze or net covering to each saucer, with meshes wide enough to admit the intended victims, or a close-sieve may be used to cover the traps. To prevent them climbing trees, nothing is better than a ring of gas tat round the stem, which effectually prevents their mounting.