A Pocket Manual of Horse, Cattle, and Sheep Husbandry ; or How to Breed, Bear, and Use all the Common Domestic Animals. Embracing Descriptions of the various Breeds of Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Swine, Poultry, etc.; the "Points" or Characteristics by which to judge Animals; Feeding and General Management of Stock; How to Improve Breeds; How to Cure sick Animals, etc. With a Chapter on Bees. Handsomely Illustrated. Price, In paper, 80 cents ; In muslin, 50 cents.

How many expensive, not to say fatal, errors in the buying, selling, breeding, and management of form-stock might be avoided by means of the practical information and plain common sense advice condensed into this comprehensive and thorough little Hand-book.

The House -The Garden - The Farm - and Domestic Animals, bound in one large handsome gilt volume, may be had for $1 50.

It forms, of itself, a CompLETE LiBRARY or RUral AFFAIRS, and should have a place on the book-shelf of every resident of the country. Sent pre-paid by FiRST Mail. Address:

FOWLER & WELLS, No. 308 Broadway, N. Y.

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