The cash value of the cranberry crop, in the United States, according to statistics, has been estimated as follows:

In 1870 Maine produced 1,000 barrels, Massachusetts 8,000, Connecticut 2,000, New Jersey 50,000. This amount of 61,000 barrels was raised principally from cultivated fields. At nineteen stations on the St. Paul and Milwaukee railroad, 14,385 barrels were freighted during the season of 1869. Only about 3,000 barrels were shipped in 1868. The crop of 1867 was estimated at 62,500 barrels, of which New Jersey produced 35,000, New England 12,000, and the West 15,000 barrels. The average price per barrel, for the season of 1867, was $16, giving a total of $1,000,000.

The Cranberry Culturist

This is a very useful compendium by Mr. W. H. Starr, of New London, containing practical directions for the culture of the plant, descriptions of the best varieties, and other necessary information relating to flooding, selection of kinds, etc.

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Cranberry Measure

The New Jersey Cranberry Growers' Association have adopted standard packages for marketing the fruit. The orates are to contain one bushel each, " rounded " measure - the " round " being 31/2 quarts more than an even bushel. The standard barrel is to be of just three times the capacity of the orate (three bushels), and is the same as that of the Cape Cod Association.