Ed. Western Horticulturist: - I send you outlines of a description of the above named apples. They have proved so hardy here that they may be an acquisition some degrees further north, where the number of sorts suited to the climate are more limited than here.

The Currant Worm Borers Rolla And The American Bea 29003

Rolla is not a large apple. It is more uniform in size than the Janet. In shape it resembles a small sized willow twig. It is more richly colored than the willow twig. It is about a fair second-rate apple in quality and seems to be reasonably productive. Flesh crispy, sub-acid, better for cooking than the Janet, though not quite so fine and tender. Its keeping qualities will well compare with the Janet. It is remarkably hardy; otherwise I would not think it worthy of very extensive cultivation.

A merican Beauty, for size and keeping qualities, will about compare with the Holla. It may not keep quite as long; but it is worthy of more general cultivation. It is my opinion that it is one of the many seedlings of the Gilpin (Roma-nite of the West). It some resembles the Gilpin in size and color but is larger in size and better in quality. It is a tender, juicy apple with a very mild sub-acid flavor, not very rich or very high flavored - but it is remarkably productive, uniform in size, hangs on the tree well, and the tree is a first-rate nursery tree and remarkably hardy. It makes a vigorous growth. We think it worthy of as much cultivation as the Wine Sap.

Tyler Mcwhorter. Aledo, Mercer Co., III.